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Proto Imaging was founded in 2005 to provide high-end CGI 3D graphics for the industrial, advertising and broadcast markets. We are based in Exeter in South-West England, and our main client base is in the UK, Europe and increas­ingly South East Asia.

Our team is passionate about digital art and have extensive exper­ience in virt­ually all aspects of 3D CGI, visual effects and design. All projects are bespoke; we will liaise with the client to create the optimum result for your require­ments and resources - creating CGI to visually communicate you creative visions, concepts and products.

Since its inception, the business has branched into several other highly special­ised sectors including aerospace, defence, marine, energy and pharmaceuticals. To provide for the increased technical demands of these industries, we formed Defence Imaging as a sub-division to Proto Imaging. Working in parallel, Defence Imaging offers the addit­ional specialist knowledge required to assist large in-house product development teams.

3D Rendered image of airport terminal for Shell product concept
3D CGI & visual effects specialists

The Team

We have considerable in-house expertise and experience in all aspects of 3D CGI, visual effects, and design. Always at the fore­front of computer graphics techn­ology, our team members have all previously worked at leading CGI facil­ities and design studios, including Pinewood Film Studios. Our knowledge is both broad and deep and we handle all projects with professionalism and flair.

We are fully UK based and do not out-source without the client's consent. Where the scope of a project may exceed our expertise, we have a port­folio of specialists that can be brought in to help fulfil the project if required.

We are accustomed to working under non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and handling commer­cially sensitive data; our systems are secure and confidentiality is paramount. If further specialist knowledge is required, our Defence Imaging division may be the best option (please call to discuss the options).

James Malloch  //  Partner

Founding partner / BA Hons / FRSA

As a 3D computer graphics and design specialist, James has worked in many areas of design and graphics, most notably in industrial design and 3D visual effects. Prior to the establish­ment of Proto and Defence Imaging, he worked as CGI Lighting Technical Director at Pinewood Film studios and at various CGI prod­uction studios. With over fifteen years exper­ience in design, 3D computer graphics and visual effects, he is accust­omed to working closely with clients and film directors.

ROBERT CARTER  //  Partner

Founding partner / BA Hons /

Rob Carter has worked in product design, graphics, exhibition design, computer game development and post-production. In a career spanning over twenty years, his depth of knowledge and exper­ience on all aspects of design and project manage­ment is invaluable. Notable projects include promotional print design for Airbus and HM Coastguard, branding and graphics for UEFA and Volvo, and product design for Gatwick Express, British Airways.


We are at the cutting edge of the advancing field of CGI and our founding partners have worked in 3D computer graphics since the 1990s, when CGI was a relat­ively unknown art form. Our projects are fulfilled with an advanced digital tool-set that includes exotic 3D animation and post production software.

To handle intense CGI projects that often require the rendering of tens of thousands of animation frames, we have a renderfarm of the latest generation of Intel multicore processors. Meanwhile our hexa-core 64bit Nvidia Quadro based 3D design work­stations are custom specified to cope with large 3D data and rendering.

3D Technical illustration of concept naval vessel


Applications are welcome from highly talented 3D generalists to support our team. Prospective candidates must have excellent overall technical and artistic skills, with a representative portfolio or demo reel. Extensive knowledge must be held in at least one high-end industry standard 3D package, and should ideally be proficient in the areas specified below:

Understanding of visual effects pipelines.
Modelling, texturing, shader networks, rigging, lighting, rendering.
3D Animation, but character animation not essential.
2D compositing / post-production.
Bitmap Image editing and manipulation.


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